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Music, Dance & Love!

¿Quién soy?

Soy Rose. Así de sencillo, como las 4 letras que forman el nombre, que bien no podrían decir nada pero juntas y con un «VIVA» previo que grita muy fuerte por el amor a la vida dicen mucho más!

Viva Rose
Music Dance & Love!

I would like to begin this text telling you the long long long story about my life. But, it’s sooooooo long enough… maybe, to write a book about it…  And how the English pop band «One Directon» could say, this is «The Story Of My Life»

Many people knows me since I was… twenty two years old…… Oh my God!… We are talking about twenty years ago, or something like that, but before that… just a few little people like my family! jojojo’

My English it’s not good enough to tell you details or to be the best copywriter. To be a good story teller needs more than this, but I could do my best trying to explain an honest story about my life in English, ok?

I was borned in 1972, I’m the second daughter of three beautiful and very kind sisters. My mum was a teacher and my father had his own business in the fashion and clothes industry. He had his own brand called «Lorant», he was good in that, but not being the best father. It doesn’t matter, he died four years ago from now.

They were so old when they met together. Both were Mexican and used to live in Mexico City. It’s beautiful here, really, if you don’t know, you must come soon!

Well, my mother was 35 when she married him, and he was just 46 years old.

Her name is Margarita (like a flower) and call us… guess! Like flowers too, the first one is Margarita, I’m Rosa and the youngest is Violeta. Laugh of us please! It’ was very funny when we were together, just the flowers!

We studied in a private primary school called «Williams School for Girls» (My mum was a teacher there). Then we went to a middle school called Instituto Pedagógico Anglo Español, another private and catholic school (just for girls too).

All of us were very cool, we studied English classes after the normal school (at the afternoon, almost all week at «The Anglo») and I began my music studies since i was 7 years old at the Escuela Nacional de Música from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, were I used to be a very happy girl learning arts, to sing, and to play the piano. Four years later my two sisters arrive to study too.

Then I began to work so early, studying the high school, and then I leave it to be finally working so hard. In Mexico there are few opportunities to be on the top when you’re not rich. My mother make a lot of efforts, but without a good and responsive father, it’s not good.

To be continue…

Here i let you some stuff

Margarita, Rosa & Violeta

Colegio Williams (A Porfirist house with a Porfirist Education too)

Instituto Pedagógico Anglo Español
Me at that time

The Anglo (British English, Sorry if doesn’t look a like, I was very young!)

Mum and Dad



… and, this is me too…. Yo!

Así de simple VivaRose

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